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ridekidsbikes said: haha holy shit nice box

Thanks! I love it too 😘

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steezvs said: That 305 is gorgeous! I see you're getting shit done! I wish there was more people as crafty as you around this lame city for real, you seem pretty damn rad! Cheers! - That Pontiac guy from the great white north eh. :)

Haha thank you so much! And yeah I wish there was too (:
What are you building?

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Sitting at night with my three prides of joy. Could never be happier than I am now. 

Please do not reblog my pictures without giving me credit!!
I’ve recently been seeing my pictures used by others as their own. 
This is MY hard work so please give me the credit.
My new tool box came in! So excited on how great it looks!

maxxsteel98-deactivated20140724 said: I love ur new profile pic!😳😍😍

Thank you!

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nmaharaj said: The 305 looks great! But I was wondering, how long would you estimate is left until the whole build is done? I'm pretty excited!

Thank you, I actually finished it today! The pictures are up right now 😊

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Chevrolet 305 small block finally complete! 
It’s now up on Craigslist and I’ll hopefully be getting a pretty penny for it 😊 
So proud of this rebuild! 
Now on to engine number 2!!!
Here are the before and after pictures together so you could see the differences. 
Looks good huh? 
Wait a minute, this is a 305?!? Haha